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Barrio de Sobrellano, 39520 Comillas, CANTABRIA

Entrada del baño de los apartamentos



Fuente Real Apartments are committed to COVID-19 risk-management and follow the measures determined by the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality) for tourist establishments of this category.

Management of its measures rests with the staff who service the apartments and will comply at all times with the relevant safety and workplace legislation (la Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales).

Check-in / arrival at the establishment

Guests shall be attended to while maintaining social-distance and wearing masks. The reception desk will be disinfected periodically with the appropriate products for this purpose.

To prevent infection, it is recommended that shaking hands, hugging or embracing between guests and employees, and from employee to employee, is avoided. It is also recommended that objects not be shared with customers or other employees. When the exchange of any item takes place (e.g. payment cards, cash, pens, etc.), hand disinfection shall be carried out.

Keys shall be disinfected after each guest’s departure from each apartment and before handing them over to the next guest.

It is recommended that transactions are handled electronically (bank card, bank transfer…) to avoid cash payments.

All information regarding the destination, restaurants, tourist attractions, tourist brochures, etc., will be provided as far as possible online or over the phone. The handling of brochures shall be avoided.

Staff responsible for Customer Service at Apartamentos Fuente Real will inform guests about the in-house preventive measures being implemented. Below are the contact details for emergency telephone numbers and nearby medical centres and hospitals.

Medical Centres

Comillas Medical Centre  – +34 942 72 22 70
San Vicente de la Barquera Medical Centre – +34 942 71 24 50
Sierrallana Hospital in Torrelavega – +34 942 84 74 00 / +34 942 84 75 01
Comillas Pharmacy – +34 942 72 22 40
Ruiloba Pharmacy – +34 942 72 01 48

Public Safety

Local Police (Municipal Policing) – +34 942 72 00 06 / +34 609 446 201
Civil Guards (Rural Policing & Roads) – +34 942 72 00 35
Maritime Safety & Rescue – +34 942 27 53 63 / +34 942 27 36 61
Emergencies – 112
Civil Protection (Emergency & Roadside Paramedics) – +34 627 881 937

Common areas and shared spaces

Guests must respect social-distancing in shared public spaces, such as the reception and the lift, and must avoid overlapping with guests or groups from different apartments and forming part of the same family or household unit.

In the case of the outdoor terrace, people from different apartments may coincide, while respecting social-distancing and always wearing masks.

The communal areas shall be adequately ventilated, at the frequency necessary for client safety.

A hand sanitizer dispenser will be provided in the reception area. Handwashing facilities will also be available by the toilets on the ground floor to facilitate proper hand hygiene.


Each apartment will be considered as a single unit (occupied by a family unit or a group) and the maximum capacity of each apartment will be respected.

Guests must sign a document at the time of check-in (arrival), stating that they do not suffer from COVID-19 and have not had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. This document will also state that they do not have and have not had any corresponding symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, aches and pains…).

Measures when an infection is suspected:

-Contact the health services: if a person suspects they have been infected, because they have symptoms and have been in contact with an infected person or have visited an area at risk, they should immediately call the telephone number provided by the Cantabrian autonomous community. Do not go directly to the health centre.

-Until the health professionals arrive, hygiene measures, such as frequent hand washing, should be adopted. It is advisable for the person to wait in an isolated, well-ventilated room with the door closed.

– Separation from other guests: guests that are unwell should wear surgical masks and remain inside the room of the apartment they occupy, as an isolation area. Contact with customer service and cleaning staff will be limited as much as possible.

– Rooms where infected persons have stayed, once vacated, shall be cleaned with gloves and cross-contamination shall be avoided. Bed linen should be laundered at 65oC for 10 minutes or 71oC for 3 minutes.

– Waste disposal procedures commonly used for other similar micro-organisms should be followed. Waste in these cases is considered class III or special bio-sanitary waste.

Fuente Real Apartments have an Extreme Option amongst their measures, should they deem it necessary. This procedure involves closing the establishment for a period of 3 days and carrying out a more thorough cleaning of the entire establishment.

Cleaning of the establishment

Fuente Real Apartments guarantees that the cleaning and disinfection of the establishment (both the apartments and the common areas) is carried out exhaustively and in accordance with the Covid-19 protocols through the supplier company Ecoservice, S.L.