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Barrio de Sobrellano, 39520 Comillas, CANTABRIA

Entrada del baño de los apartamentos

Monumental Comillas

Comillas is a town that’s enriched with many monuments. During your stay, make sure you explore some of its most emblematic places. Its past is closely linked to that of the so-called Indianos, the name given to the Spanish emigrants in the 19th century who returned enriched after “making it in the Americas”.

To learn more about the history of Comillas, we recommend a visit to the Palacio de Sobrellano and its Chapel-Pantheon, two authentic architectural jewels in neo-Gothic style. Both buildings were designed by Joan Martorell, commissioned by the 1st Marquis of Comillas, Antonio López López. See here for the opening hours and prices of the Sobrellano Palace.

In addition, you have the Pontifical University. An impressive building that dominates the whole town from the west and its entrance and other ornamental details are the work of the architect Domenech i Montaner. It is currently the headquarters of the Comillas Foundation. Click here for more information about the Pontifical University.

Finally, you have to take a stroll through Comillas towards the cemetery, where you’ll encounter the Guardian Angel of Llimona, a beautiful modernist sculpture that stands imposingly, facing the Cantabrian coast.

Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the past and the culture that surrounds this town of Indianos.